LD 28 contains part of the cities of Paradise Valley and Phoenix. It is one of the smallest legislative districts at 77.98 square miles. It is one of four entirely urban districts.

2016 general elections results

Arizona House of Representatives
Kelli Butler (Democrat) 49139
Maria Syms (Republican) 46739
Mary Hamway (Republican) 44355
Arizona Senate
Kate Brophy McGee (Republican) 50436
Eric Meyer (Democrat) 48124

Representative Kelli Butler

Party: Democratic

Home city: Scottsdale

Occupation: Small business owner


  • Banking and Insurance
  • Health

Introduced bills in 2018:

Bill Number Short/NOW Title
HB2441 children’s health insurance program; modifications
HB2442 physical body adornment; establishments; certification
HB2443 medical services purchase; premiums
HB2531 medical services; purchase; study committee

Representative Maria Syms

Party: Republican

Home city: N/A

Occupation: N/A


  • Commerce
  • Health
  • Judiciary and Public Safety

Introduced bills in 2018:

Bill Number Short/NOW Title
HB2020 confidentiality agreements; sexual assault; harassment
(NOW: sexual assault; harassment; confidentiality agreements)
HB2053 theft by extortion; sexual acts
(NOW: sexual acts; theft by extortion)
HB2107 prescription drug costs; patient notification
(NOW: pharmacies; practices; pharmacy benefits managers)
HB2522 traffic violations; penalties
HB2523 administrative hearings; procedures
HB2635 drug overdose; immunity; limitations
HB2636 interfering; judicial proceeding; victims; children

Senator Kate Brophy McGee

Party: Republican

Home city: Phoenix

Occupation: Community Leader


  • Education
  • Health and Human Services
  • Transportation and Technology

Introduced bills in 2018:

Bill Number Short/NOW Title
SCR1038 Alzheimer’s awareness day
SB1064 technical correction; estates
(NOW: insurers; health providers; claim arbitration)
SB1065 communication service information; technical correction
(NOW: commercial vehicles; ports of entry)
SB1066 exchange teachers; technical correction
(NOW: school facilities board; reforms)
SB1067 technical correction; guardians
SB1068 technical correction; nonprobate transfers
SB1069 night schools; technical correction
SB1071 adoption; subsidy; review; nonrecurring expenses
SB1072 DCS; contractor employees; fingerprint requirement
SB1073 orthotics; prosthetic devices; valid prescription
SB1075 vehicle liability insurance; minimum limits
SB1087 DCS reports; study; report
SB1161 gifted pupils; funding
SB1162 silver alert notification; developmental disability
SB1163 credit security freezes; fees; prohibition
SB1164 DES; fingerprint card; tax information
SB1165 child care assistance; rates
SB1166 permanent guardianship; subsidy
SB1217 insurance; small employers; continuation coverage
SB1218 developmental homes; licensure; investigations
SB1219 classrooms; student removal procedures
SB1220 family caregiver income tax credit
SB1221 appropriation; DES; information; referral service.
SB1245 appropriation; SNAP; benefit match; produce
SB1290 vocational rehabilitation; procurement code; exemption
SB1291 schools; pupil assessment data
SB1374 state law; local government violations
SB1389 HIV; needs assessment; prevention
SB1390 TPT; additional rate; education.
SB1463 statute; limitations; appraisers; appraisal services
SB1464 parks; historic preservation; lottery fund
SB1465 sober living homes; certification
SB1517 state dinosaur; Sonorasaurus
SB1518 department of child safety; reports
SCM1010 Charles Keating; naming peak; urging
SCR1003 Special Olympics day.
SCR1009 Norman McClelland; death resolution