Peretz Partensky / CC BY 2.0

State Representative David Stringer (R-Prescott) introduced HB 2057, which would guarantee access to firearms for current and past members of the Arizona militia. According to 26-121 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, the militia includes all able-bodied citizens and residents “who have declared their intention to become citizens” between the ages of 18 and 45.

David Stringer is serving his first term in the Arizona House of Representatives. He represents legislative district 1, which includes nearly all of Yavapai County. Stringer and Noel Campbell (R-Prescott) were elected to the Arizona House in 2016 with 65,993 and 70,412 votes, respectively. Democratic challenger Peter Pierson received 33,396 votes, and Green party candidate Haryaksha Gregor Knauer received 12,145 votes.

House Bill 2057 has two primary objectives: to expand the Arizona militia and guarantee access to firearms and accessories to members of the militia.

To achieve the first objective, HB 2057 would eliminate the upper age restriction in 26-121 of the ARS, thereby making all citizens and residents who plan to become citizens 18 years or older and “who are capable of acting in concert for the common defense” members of the Arizona militia.

In order to “call forth an effective Arizona State Guard,” guarantees the right of current or former members of the Arizona militia “to privately purchase, in accordance with all state law, any particularly suited firearms or equipment.” The protection would extend to most Arizonans since the bill would expand the membership of the militia to all adult citizens of the state.

Firearms protected under this provision include semiautomatic handguns, shotguns, rifles, and “other small arms weapons system” used by the United States military or any law enforcement agency in Arizona.

Protected equipment would include “any full-capacity, high-capacity or extended-capacity magazine or ammunition-feeding device and any caliber or gauge of ammunition” as well as accessories such as “flash-hiding devices, sound-dampening devices, detachable magazines, aiming systems, trigger systems and lights.”

As an added measure of protection for gun owners, the bill

In order for this bill to become law, the voters would first need to amend the militia eligibility requirements outlined in Article 16 of the Arizona Constitution.