State Senator David Farnsworth speaking with former U.S. Congressman Ron Paul at the Arizona State Senate Finance Committee at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona, March 8, 2017. / Gage Skidmore / Flickr

State Senator David Farnsworth (R-Mesa) introduced legislation which would require voter initiatives to be periodically reauthorized by the voters.

Farnsworth represents legislative district 16 in the eastern Phoenix-metro area, including eastern Mesa and Apache Junction.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 1002 would amend Article IV of the Arizona Constitution to require referendums or initiatives passed by the voters to be reapproved by popular vote every ten years.

If a referendum or initiative failed to be reauthorized, it would not automatically appear on the ballot in ten years.

SCR 1002 was referred to the Judiciary and Rules committees.

If the bill passes the legislature, it would be placed on the November 2018 ballot for voter approval. All amendments to the Arizona Constitution must be approved by the voters.