Legislative district 22 occupies the northwestern Phoenix metro area, including Sun City West and Surprise. It is 323.95 square miles. The district is 95.64 percent urban covering 26.26 percent of its land area and 4.36 percent rural covering 73.74 percent of its land area.

2016 Elections results

Arizona House of Representatives

David Livingston (Republican) 69251
Phil Lovas (Republican) 64347
Manuel Hernandez (Democrat) 37938

Arizona Senate

Judy Burges (Republican) 71863
Michael Muscato (Democrat) 38620

Representative David Livingston

Party: Republican

Home city: Peoria

Occupation: Financial Advisor


  • Appropriations
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Rules

Introduced bills in 2018:

Bill Number Short/NOW Title
HB2002 automobile theft authority; appropriation
HB2004 ASRS; waiting period; repeal
HB2025 workers’ compensation; rate deviations
HB2034 social security; state agency designation
HB2035 deferred compensation plans; governing committee
HB2047 workers’ compensation; employee definition; LLCs
HB2048 insurance; producer fees
HB2080 ASRS; investment contracts
HB2081 insurance adjusters; application of laws
HB2082 insurance producers; convictions; reporting
HB2083 insurance contracts
(NOW: insurance contracts; construction)
HB2097 pension funding policies; employers
HB2098 insurance; inducements
HB2122 secretary of state; appropriation; elections
HB2124 life and disability insurance; insolvencies
HB2236 military pensions; increase; tax subtraction
HB2320 development agreements; prohibited agreements
HB2357 EORP; employer contributions
HB2545 EORP; cost-of-living adjustment.
HB2564 court fees; EORP; state contribution
HCR2032 public retirement systems.

Representative Ben Toma

Party: Republican

Home city: N/A

Occupation: N/A


  • Banking and Insurance
  • Commerce

Introduced bills in 2018:

Bill Number Short/NOW Title
HB2123 insurance department; director; residency
HB2170 boxing; mixed martial arts; continuation
HB2260 commercial license; defensive driving school
HB2261 veterinary faculty members; licensure requirements
HB2262 condominiums; termination; appraisals
HB2263 landlord tenant; security deposits
HB2550 contractors; inactive licenses
(NOW: contractor qualifications; work experience)
HB2595 technical correction; deceptive mailings
HB2596 natural resource conservation districts; administration.
(NOW: property taxes; procedures; abatement)
HB2624 environmental quality; informal agency appeals
HJR2001 lower Colorado drought contingency agreement
HJR2002 proposal; technical correction

Senator Judy Burges

Party: Republican

Home city: Sun City West

Occupation: Retired


  • Health and Human Services
  • Judiciary
  • Natural Resources, Energy and Water

Introduced bills in 2018:

Bill Number Short/NOW Title
SB1057 county school superintendent; report; approval
SB1058 secretary of state; appropriation; elections.
SB1105 elections; special districts; technical correction
SB1106 technical correction; civil rights; restoration
SB1107 technical correction; tax court; decisions
SB1108 technical correction; tax judges; qualifications
SB1109 technical correction; defrauding secured creditors
SB1210 accidents; death; injury; implied consent
SB1211 sentence; life imprisonment; parole eligibility
SB1248 taxation; improvements on possessory rights
SB1249 campaign finance violations; appeals
SB1268 class six property; elderly homeowners
SB1435 state equalization board; conflicts
SB1436 prohibition; criminal history; occupational regulation
SB1437 elections; equipment; amendments