Legislative district 19 contains most of the city of Avondale as well as part of Phoenix and Goodyear. It is 107.85 square miles. The district is 99.97 percent urban covering 69.20 percent of its land area and 0.23 percent rural covering 30.80 percent of its land area.

2016 Elections results

Arizona House of Representatives

Mark Cardenas (Democrat) 27,263
Diego Espinoza (Democrat) 30693

Arizona Senate

Lupe Chavira Contreras (Democrat) 38,817

Representative Mark A. Cardenas

Party: Democratic

Home city: Phoenix

Occupation: Consultant


  • Appropriations
  • Ways and Means

Introduced bills in 2018:

Bill Number Sponsor Type Short/NOW Title
HB2001 P* indigent defense fund; distribution; purpose
HB2008 P* transfer pupils; transcripts
HB2009 P* workforce training; unemployed workers
HB2010 P* elderly homeowners; class six property
HB2014 P* marijuana; civil penalty
HB2015 P* tax credits; exemptions; sunset repeal
HB2056 P* TPT; digital products; remote sellers
HB2077 P* public employees; collective bargaining
HB2143 P* school resources; religious purpose; prohibition
HB2144 P* assisting federal law enforcement; prohibition
HB2145 P* TPT; services; tuition surcharge
HB2146 P* voting rights; restoration; felonies…
HB2147 P* medical marijuana; patient card cost
HB2427 P* release conditions; pretrial release program
HB2428 P* postsecondary education; residents; financial aid
HB2429 P* public works contracts; prevailing wage
HB2430 P* release after acquittal; dismissed charges
HB2431 P* PSPRS; normal retirement; employee contributions
HB2440 P* VLT exemption; veteran amputees
HB2493 P* call center relocation; notice; penalty
HCR2003 P* right to work; repeal

Representative Diego Espinoza

Party: Democratic

Home city: Tolleson

Occupation: Owner of Fuego Bar and Grill


  • Commerce
  • Military, Veterans and Regulatory Affairs
  • Rules

Introduced bills in 2018:

Bill Number Sponsor Type Short/NOW Title
HB2137 P* DOR; auditors and collectors; appropriation
HB2231 P* TANF; child only cases
HB2232 P* TANF; sanctions
HB2233 P* appropriation; 2020 census; outreach
HB2423 P* railroad crew requirements
HB2424 P* procurement; veterans; Arizona bidders; preference
HB2425 P* TPT; digital goods; additional tax
HB2426 P* voting rights; restoration; felonies.
HB2508 P* medical marijuana; opioid use disorder
HCM2003 P* deported veterans; medical treatment
HCR2013 P* public programs; citizens; repeal
HCR2026 P* care enough month

Senator Lupe Contreras – Minority Whip

Party: Democratic

Home city: Cashion

Occupation: Law


  • Government
  • Judiciary
  • Senate Ethics

Introduced bills in 2018:

Bill Number Sponsor Type Short/NOW Title
SB1318 P* medical assistance requests; evidence; mitigation.
SB1350 P* indigent defense fund; distribution; purpose.

Updated on July 30, 2018.