Senator Jon Kyl made the following remarks on the Senate floor on December 13, 2018, regarding retiring Senator Jeff Flake:

The Senate has had some very good people over the years and currently. But none have been more principled than my friend from Arizona, Jeff Flake.

It started for us to see when he was a member of the House of Representatives and at first single-handedly fought inappropriate earmarks. He even managed to get himself appointed to the appropriations committee for a while so that he could carry on his crusade from within. And, in the end, he was successful.

I was pleased to support him as my successor to the United States Senate.

He has his priorities right: faith, family, and country. And he has spoken about both his faith and his family here.

Not very many of us have the opportunity to serve from a town named after our own family. And that’s how far Senator Flake’s roots go back in the state of Arizona.

He has spoken not just today but on earlier occasions from his heart about things that he sees need improvement here in the United States Senate. I think we’re all aware of the things of which he speaks. And it’s been appropriate of him to do so because as he pointed out in order for us to be a beacon for others around the world in support of liberty and individual freedom, we have to demonstrate how it can be practiced right here in the United States of America.

We’d all like to leave this place better than we found it and it is not always easy to do. And Senator Flake has tried his best.

He also spoke about our democratic republic and our focus on individual liberty and how that has had an impact around the world and how others have tried to emulate what we do here.

These are universal principles that we need to focus on. And what he has reminded us here today is that reedom is not free and each day we all have to do our part from wherever we sit to ensure that future generations will enjoy the kind of freedom that we’ve had and that starts with the representatives in the United States government.

It was a fitting subject for a farewell address and wise counsel was given, as always.

I want to salute my colleague, Jeff Flake, as a person though as much as a public servant and Senator. He embodies what’s right about the people of the United States of America. As I said, he has his priorities right and he’s been willing to serve based on those priorities.

I wish him and his family all the best in their next endeavors and I know because of his dedication to this country and the principles of which he believes that his service does not end at the end of his time here in the United States Senate and we will all be beneficiaries of that. So to my friend and colleague Jeff Flake, godspeed, I appreciate your remarks today, and I yield the floor.