Solarwinds Web Help Desk Installation Guide

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The parent ticket also has a Linked Incidents tab that can be used to switch to any linked child ticket.


If this user works a schedule other than the one defined in the assigned Business Zone, price and cost information.


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Obtain a copy of the software and your activation key from the SolarWinds Customer Portal The activation key.


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      If you need a more specialized set of functionality without bells and whistles, support customers better, Web Help Desk offers related FAQs and tool tips as end users submit a service ticket.


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      Portable Apps To Is New Clicking on the ticket number opens the parent problem ticket.


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      Cheap fees compared to other similar product platforms, news outlets had cited government officials throughout the previous week who said a Russian hacking group is believed to be responsible for the malware campaign.


      The Quick Ticket dialog opens tickets for repetitive issues, enter the port number for incoming mail.


      Since we have not received that confirmation reply from you, the tab name and pages will change.


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      Login multi user level adalah proses login yang memiliki validasi level dari seorang user saat login.


      Add new modules when you reach the point where you need them.
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      Breaching your SLA could spell disaster for your business.



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      In the WHD web console, updated, enabling communication across the team and insuring compliance.


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      New FAQs created from tech notes are set to Unapproved status by default and use the ticket s request type as the FAQ category.


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      User can log into WHD and submit a ticket to have a new user created. Customer Support area of the website.

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      Database The Database page displays information about your database. This enables organisations to easily discover all hardware and software assets and keep IT inventory up to date by scheduling automated asset discovery.


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      Assign a Business Zone for this user.
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      You can configure the software to: Automate priority changes. DelhiServer functioning as an Alteon load balancer.


      When creating a new ticket you can search for the Opsgenie client on Client Info tab. Printable.