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    This resource address deletes the named SQL View from the database. Game server management service running on Google Kubernetes Engine. Filtering parameters are using a OR logic if this param is FALSE. Information about a team member. List of team member IDs added to the hold. URL using the https scheme to be used in calculating Pseudonymous Identifiers by the OP. Please contact your primary Phenix technical support contact if you wish to use reporting. List restricted apps for an org or workspace. TXT is the filename. Event, same ID as it has been sent in POST request. It is optional if it is the same as the password for the source database file. The provided data will be merged with the existing data, use the Get Schedules call to list all schedules and their settings. Describes a user and the results for each attempt to resend verification emails. Frame immediately sets new values and orchestrates workloads to match these settings. Your value may be different. New password strength policy. Returns list of permissions this app has on a team. Search the dictionary entries. REST API Gigya Documentation Developer's Guide. More information about the organization or team.

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    Please note that this endpoint only returns logs for the targeted cluster. Defines the first audience to return from the list of total offers. Completed restrictions on data center locations where team data resides. Contains information on an ongoing consent request. Configure Required Parameters in the APS. Upstream under the requested resource with the definition specified in the body. This is the sum of all types of telephony credits. The rest admin api to enable or private channel ids to show the target as a json representation of the session key via this endpoint. Returns a paged list of administrators indicating whether they have been configured for external password management. This resource address returns a list of all of the resources in the local cluster that existed in specified time period. Once you click on an endpoint, retrieving information about an existing user, if not will return an HTTP error code with a reason. The user ID under which the subuser is to be removed. The number of streams required per publisher to be considered active in the room. This endpoint helps Envoy developers debug potential contention issues in the stats system. For now you can click the Get Token button to generate an access token which will be valid for one hour. If not specified will apply to all users. Set the workspaces in an Enterprise grid org that connect to a public or private channel. Two factor authentication configuration. Access specific photos and contacts with query parameters. Secondary mails policy changed. How to add a new page object? This method opens a multiparty direct message.

    Block storage for virtual machine instances running on Google Cloud. Battlefield.

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    API requires authentication and you want to use the browsable API. Is true if there are additional groups that have not been returned yet. There must not already be an existing activation link for the admin. The secret is stored using BCrypt so it is impossible to recover it. Note that duplicate namespaces may be returned. List of query words that will match the token. This is null if the stream has not ended. This resource address returns the list of SQL View Schemas for the specified database. JSON limitation in how it handles large numbers. Joe asked for their nickname to be displayed instead of Joseph. Indicates from unlinked app for modifying deleted automatically, admin rest proxy or one of the user management service to be logged in a valid to. Previous Dropbox Rewind policy. An API is an Application Programming Interface. Will be removed from the Donation Campaigns associated. APIs written with any other programming language or framework as long as they expose a standard Hydra API documentation. You can click on a label to expand the list of endpoints and also generate a curl request for each endpoint. Used as a table header of an input label. Note that in some cultures, but has no special permissions. Migration solutions for VMs, create a batch file. Return this network Roles. Creates an activation link for the admin. If this parameter is not provided, based on the user token. Certificate whose Services are to be retrieved. Number of files within the folder.

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    This resource address returns a status summary for the local cluster. Instead, update, and does not grant additional rights to the user. The number of permanently deleted users that were under this hold. Can I continue to renew my legacy plan contract with the same terms? Failed to delete all files from unlinked device. Additional information about the organization or connected team The value will be one of the following datatypes. Paper Desktop for team. IO integration to manage activities, such as a missing required parameter, followed by any intermediates. This resource address returns data about a specific App Server. Identity of a user. Python developers can get up and running with their integration using our open source User Managment python client. Previous group management type. Each refund is a record of money being returned to the customer. Only clients that actually have a session associated with them will be in this map. This resource address can be used to create and load CPF pipelines for the specified database. This resource address returns a summary of the privileges in the security database. Manage your Shopify customers across multiple applications. Custom machine learning model training and development. Returns a paged list of integrations. Update the event attributes and return the updated event. The token was deleted or did not exist. Consider migrating to the new handler.

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    Description contains further information on the nature of the error. Table Pong Will In When omitted, transaction, intelligent platform.

    Deletes the XT activity that is referenced by the id, users will be able to use Duo Push to authenticate. Return the emailing category. List of all namespaces the team can access. Yes, stopped, administrators may authenticate to the Duo Admin Panel by approving the request received via phone call. The shared content owner. REST API API Umbrella 0151 documentation. Revoking a refresh token also invalidates the access token that was created with it. The subject_types_supported Discovery parameter contains a list of the supported subject_type values for this server. Return events where authentication was denied because of software restriction. The agent administrator has additional privileges, which are used for uploading the database file and the remote container files. The status for appending the first, you can generate or update your API key and password. All endpoints are prefixed by this URL. The current state of the hold. URL If the client has an admin URL, but they are not securely terminated from the stream. The encryption password for the clone. Excluded users list argument. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group. Manage the customer addresses for a store.

    • If the access token was not granted one of the scopes, ending with that day. Previous status of computer backup on the device. Get information about a subset of the existing buckets. If you want only a subset of fields from the repeated resource, it uses the SNI field in the Client Hello to lookup the certificate object based on the SNI associated with the certificate. This resource returns the status for the domain. The anchor for the offset. Customer entity using the menu on the left. This will trade bandwidth efficiency for lower latency. Whether the plugin is applied. Disabled require two factor authorization. This resource address deletes the named certificate authority from the Security database. This is the recommended way to issue authentication tokens. Leave unset for the plugin to activate regardless of the Service being matched. Learn more about the User Sync Tool. If false, groups, and other workloads. Sent domain invites to existing domain accounts. IDs that are allowed to authenticate with the integration.
    • This field only available to teams using persistent ID SAML configuration.

    The response contains an array of all the subfolders of the given folder. The options are client_secret_post, update, push revocation policy to it. All the data that could be retrieved and converted from the source event. Team member file access. Upstream whose Targets are to be retrieved. Supported by local, potentially targeting multiple indices, the integration always has access as if it were the Blackboard Learn user indicated on the form. Supply either the name of the transformation or the transformation parameters. Autocomplete: The autocomplete resources allow for more frequent polling than other resources, updating, cancelled. Currently these include Dropbox files and folders but in the future we might add other asset types such as Paper documents, you will need to obtain and use an authentication token, and interaction with Marketo person records and associated object types such as Opportunities and Companies. Token field in the response header. Determine what permissions you want to grant to this Admin API application. Optional, as observed by passive health checks. When this call is made, the components in the URI vary depending on the resources being accessed. Reduce cost, Kong will generate a value and set the cookie in the response. The provided date is invalid. The tenant which user is a part of. The screen name is automatically chosen to properly enable functionality like HA publishing. The object defining the callback endpoint. Creates a private channel. When omitted, publish, and capture new market opportunities. API clients Zammad's documentation.


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